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25% Tax Exclusion for 2016

“ARTC is happy to announce that the 25% tax exclusion on pension income for those filing a CT income tax is available for 2016. We thank all the member of ARTC who worked hard to meet with their legislators and lobby at the Capital to achieve this milestone.”

~ Cathy D’Agostino and Sandra Bove, Legislative Co-Chairs ARTC    Click here to learn more.

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The Association of Retired Teachers Organization advocates for the rights of retired teachers. Please consider joining this organization.  visit artct.org



Contact your Legislators and House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz to remind them:

* Teacher pension skyrocketing costs are not the fault of retired teachers. The State underfunded the teacher pension for more than 70 years.

* Retired teachers have been assured again and again that the legislature would keep their promise. To renege on the tax exclusion law for retired teachers is a broken promise to 36,000 retired teachers who have contributed to their pensions all their working years and depended upon their pension during their retired years.

* The tax exclusion law was passed four years ago for fairness. Since teachers pay into their retirement system the same as others pay into Social Security, the law begins to address an unequal taxation of teacher pensions. The tax exclusion law was also passed for sound economic reasons as 26% of retired teachers leave the state retiring to states that do not tax pensions. This is a money drain on Connecticut.

Please contact your Legislators in Hartford and urge them to keep their promise on the tax exclusion. (Your message should not go to your US Congressmen)

You can contact your Legislator by going to ARTC.org - Click on "who should I call" - click on click here.

Joe Aresimowicz is the Speaker of the House and it has been reported that he thinks that Teachers Retirement Income should be on the table of budget negotiations.  Please call or e-mail his office and express your concerns.

Legislative Office Building, Room 4105

Hartford, CT 06106-1591

860-240-8500/ 800-842-8267

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